Overview Goals - Features

, by MiKaël Navarro


 Genre: Flight Simulator ;
 Type: 3D-Space Fight Simulator (Idependance-War).

The goal of Stardust is to create a 3D-Space Fight Simulator Open Source, portable and expandable simulating, at best, the kinematics of space flight.

Stardust will feature small dozens of starfighters, intelligent computer enemies and network mode.

The project is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

My hope is to create a 3D-Space Fight Simulator :

 Action oriented : The player will have the possibility to move around a 3D space (with the keyboard and/or mouse/joystick), to fire with lasers or torpedos.
He will have a head-up-display indicating his spaceship state and the position of all ennemies ;
 Startegy oriented : Allowing the player to give orders to his unit or cooperating with some others players via the net.

The design document is available here : stardust_fr.pdf (in french ;-).


In the following we list some features of Stardust.
Keep in mind that Stardust is still under development. The following list represent the features of the final product not the actual one.

 Fast game action in a 360 degree environment ;
 3D graphics and sounds for an immersive experience (OpenGL and OpenAL) ;
 Support for platform: Windows, GNU/Linux (via libSDL) ;
 Huge world to explore (galaxies interconnections) ;
 Semi-transparent command-console ;
 Game play user-configurable via configuration files (XML) ;
 Special effects (particles, weapons, ...) ;
 High level AI ;
 Internet game play using a client/server architecture ;
 ... more will follow.


For any question, don’t hesitate to contact me : iwar (at) free (dot) fr.